Short Stories


Creative Non-Fiction:
Wandering through Bygdøy
Frost on Fallen Leaves
The Guardian of Eternal Slumber

Flash Fiction:
A Weed in War
She dotted her Is with hearts…
Levigating a palatable theriac
Brinner Surprise
Quiet Hours
Morning Chores

Inspired by Artwork:
“An Apple for the Boatman” Edmund Blair Leighton, 1896
“Vows” Edmund Blair Leighton, 1906
“The Wind Miller’s Guest” Edmund Blair Leighton 1898
“My Next Door Neighbor” Edmund Blair Leighton 1894

The Harrisons:
Two by Sea
Market Day 

Madoc Cheval:
Tilting at the Ring

Sir Tancred of Estmont:
Requesting Leave

Lady Elinor:
A Political Arrangement: Part 1
Along the Shore: Part 2 
A Wedding Feast : Part 3
Rising Tide: Part 4
Waking Up: Part 5
The Curl of a Rose: Part 6
Beneath a Green Sky: Part 7
First Blush: Part 8
A New Kind of Freedom: Part 9
New Beginnings: Part 10

The Superhero Stories:
Jesslyn Masters:
Part One: The Night
Part Two: The Dark Forest

Kaitlyn Foster:
Part One: The Hay Loft
Part Two: A Shoulder To Lean On

Sonnet 1: Finding the right words


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