February Flashbacks: Days Eight and Nine


“I’m happy for you.”

She smiled.

“Thank you Life Weaver. Your questions?”

I glanced at the paper in front of me and chuckled.

“Well, my next questions are about freedom, and about fear. Do you hold the reins or are chains still holding you back? What fears still haunt you?”

Sruni grinned then her expression abruptly darkened.

“I am free, as we have discussed, there is nothing in my life that holds me back now. I work hard, I am training to become a dress designer, and no one in Lasdevan treats me as if I am less because I am a woman. But fear. Yes. I still have fears.”

She sighed crossing her arms.

“I worry about Dani. He’s in the Lasdevan Defense Forces. If they’re called up he’ll be in danger. Losing him would be like losing an arm, I would continue but something would always be missing. I fear that. Cold dread hangs over me every time he leaves. I worry every day that there’ll be a knock on my door. That they’ll say they’re sorry for my loss.”

She drew a sharp breath.

“That is the monster in my nightmares. That knock. The hollow words, the cold comfort of a folded flag.”

She squeezed her eyes shut as a tear fled down her cheek.


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