February Flashback: Days Four and Five

“So what’s next Life Weaver? More questions?”
“Yes. I need to ask you a difficult question. Have you ever had something break and been unable to fix it? It could be a relationship, item or otherwise. If you could also speak to whether you think some things should stay broken or if they should always try to be repaired.”

She leaned back, folding her arms over her bare midriff. She looked up at the ceiling for a moment.

“Yes, I’ve been down this road. I had a friend, I met her at school. We spent a lot of time together, but I soon realized she wasn’t really my friend.”

Her mouth turned down savagely.

“She would ask me to do things for her and they were increasingly mean or dangerous to me. Finally, when she told me to steal something I grew angry and told her she was not my friend and that no friend would ever ask anyone to do the things she demanded of me.”

She flexed her hands and looked up.

“I burned that bridge. I don’t regret it for a moment. Some things should never be fixed. Don’t give takers a second chance.”

I nodded.

“Good advice.”

She chuckled darkly.

“Good advice on many levels, Life Weaver. More questions?”
“Yes, would you tell me what the word Fair conjures in your mind.”

She smiled, flashing white teeth.

“Dani. When you say Fair, he’s the only thing I see. Not because he’s fair looking, well, I mean he is gorgeous, but he isn’t fair in that sense.”

A blush splattered her cheeks with a deep rosy glow.

“He’s fair in the justice sense. He is so honest, so open. He is ruthless in punishing betrayal and generous with those who prove worthy of trust.”

She bit her lip, the blush deepening on her cheeks.

“Dani embodies fairness.”

She cleared her throat and looked at me across the table. She was still fighting her features to neutral again, but the blush still tinted her cheeks.


My thanks to Faith_theRivens for this fantastic February writing event. You should all check her out on Twitter @Faith_theRivens, and here on wordpress. She recently released her debut novella, Eléonore.


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