February Flashback: Day Three


“Yes, that answered my question.”
“Can I go now?”
“No. I have-”
“Enough already! I want to go home.” She slapped the table top with her palms. “You have no right to detain me. I am a free woman. I have rights.”
“You aren’t in Lasdevan, Miss Navar.”

She glared at me across the table, her hands splayed on the table top. Slowly, she sank back onto the chair, she perched on the lip, alert and unyielding.

“Miss Navar, Sruni, please. I just need to ask you a few more questions.”

She said nothing. Just watched me.

“I need to ask if any memories about fire are significant.”
“You mean like the fire in my blood that you are denying me my basic rights? Yes. There have been many such fires in my life.”
“You can leave whenever you want.”
“I can walk out that door?”
“Of course.”

She eyed me, dark eyes solemn.

“What happens then?”
“You cease to exist.”
“You kill me?”
“No. It’s more complicated than that. You see, I’m the one writing your story.”

She tilted her head then smiled.

“You’re one of them. The life weavers.”

I frowned.

“A what?”
“A life weaver. The ones that can tap into other places, weave the stories of people in them. I walk out that door and I cease to exist, for you, until you can find me again. I don’t understand all of it, but some of the Basquilans have been learning.”

She leaned back in the chair, eyes narrowed, teeth worrying at her lip.

“All right, Life Weaver. I’ll tell you. The fire you’ll want to know about is the one I feel in my belly whenever someone threatens my home. Whenever my people, the people of Lasdevan, are threatened a fire ignites in my blood. Anger than anyone would dare harm people who live only to be productive, industrious and happy.”

Her jaw tightened, a muscle twitching in her cheek.

“It’s how I met Dani. He and I trained in the defense school together. He went on to get his commission in the Lasdevan Defense Forces. I took a post in the Libre guard. In case of attack we’re called up to defend the city. He is always on alert for the moment the Defense Forces are needed. We both feel that fire, a burning desire to defend that which we love and the way of life here.”

She met my gaze, hers dark with intent.

“Only fools would cross our border with the intention of harm. That is my fire, Life Weaver. It is an ember awaiting tinder. I protect what is mine.”
“Thank you, Sruni.”

She flashed a toothy smile.


My thanks to Faith_theRivens for this fantastic February writing event. You should all check her out on Twitter @Faith_theRivens, and here on wordpress. She recently released her debut novella, Eléonore.


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