Writing Prompt: who, what, when, where…and why not?

It’s hard to believe, but sitting on this island with no ships in sight I suppose there is very little beyond possibility. Even the chain rubbing a hole in my ankle isn’t entirely beyond belief. Although. I suppose since I was a King only yesterday that is a bit more difficult to conceive. The story? The story of why I’m here? Oh well. I suppose I can tell you. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.

We, my escort and I, set off with Admiral Margar yesterday at daybreak. The wind was with us and the Admiral predicted we’d make port in Trico by evening. I retired to my cabin to examine the ambassador’s notes on the dignitaries I would be meeting there. The ship lurched and I was thrown from my chair. As I stood a man stumbled into the cabin, he was bleeding from a head wound.
“Won’t make Trico, your majesty.”
He blurted the words and fell forward onto my floral carpet. I crawled over and shook him.
“Why not?” I demanded. “Why not!”
He opened his eyes and slowly focused on my face.
He coughed, blood burbling at the corner of his mouth.

Next thing I remember, I’m here with a chain on my leg and no rescue in sight. I think it was a setup. I think the Admiral was paid and when I find that rascal I’m going to make him pay with his head.


I wrote this short story off a prompt in The Write-Brain Workbook to use the following:
Who? = A King

What? = a chain
When? = Daybreak
Where? = an island
Expression = Why not? 


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