Fiction Flashback February: Day one


“Can you state your name please?”
“My name is Sruni Navar.”

She leaned back in her chair lifting one elegantly sculpted dark eyebrow.

“Thank you. Could you please tell me a little about your role in this story?”

She scoffed and waved her hand dismissively, sitting up.

“What don’t I do? Seriously? My best friend is a runaway duchess. Without me, she would be dead, starved. She had no clue how to take care of things for herself. I taught her to work for everything. It’s been a real struggle.”

A grin spread over her face and she leaned back in the chair again.

“Why are you asking all these questions, eh? Are you hunting her? Did that Duke send you?”
“Just the questions please. What is unique about you?”

She scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Unique about me. Hum. Well, I suppose it’s unique that I’m an immigrant to Lasdevan. My mother moved us here when my father died. I was very small. She did it so we could live. The place we left, well, it was beautiful, full of color, but it was not a good place for a widow with no living male family members.”

Her lips pressed into a thin line for an instant then smoothed.

“Lasdevan is different, you know, everyone has the opportunity to work hard and succeed. We are safe here, happy and mother is well paid for her weaving. She put me through all the schooling offered here.”

She narrowed her eyes and smoothed the waterfall of sheer fabric pinned to her right shoulder, as one might stroke a cat.

“I speak four languages, I also know their diverse writing and mathematics. Even some of the science from Basquilus. It would be very foolish of you to think I’ll tell you how to find her.”

Her dark eyes glared across the table accusingly.

“That’s not my purpose here.”
“We’ll see.”
My thanks to Faith_theRivens for this fantastic February writing event. You should all check her out on Twitter @Faith_theRivens, and here on wordpress. She recently released her debut novella, Eléonore.


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