Brinner Surprise

Photo by Unsplash on Pixabay

The rain was cold. It soaked through Cassy’s linen shirt and goose bumps rippled over her torso in waves. This was not what she’d had in mind when she left for the store fifteen minutes ago. The sun had been shining and there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky.

With a shiver she ducked inside and attempted to tidy herself up. What a mess. Wet, white linen, how very…flattering.

“Came out of nowhere didn’t it?”

The cashier said with a smile. Cassy half-laughed and nodded, grabbing a hand basket to do her shopping. The freezer section felt like the dead of winter. Shivering she hurried through, pausing only to grab a pack of bacon, half dozen eggs and a small bag each of flour and sugar.

The cashier looked a bit bemused as she rang out the items but didn’t say a word. Leaving the store and discovering a once more cloudless sky Cassy shook her head in wonder. Walking down the quiet dirt path she pictured Henry and Martin’s faces when they smelled their favorite food. Getting soaked was totally worth it.

Settling her bags on the kitchen table Cassy rolled up her still wet linen shirtsleeves. Time to whip up some Brinner!

“Mommy!” The high pitched voice cried from the entry and Cassy hurried out of the kitchen with flour covered hands. Martin stood with little arms outstretched taking deep breaths of bacon scented air while Henry stood smiling behind him. Leaning against the doorframe she met Henry’s eyes, and absently rubbed a hand over her belly.



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