Frost on Fallen Leaves

Frosted leaf, by Kirstie Earlene, Oslo, Norway 2015

The air was crisp. It stung my lungs with each breath. The chill was unexpected after so lovely a fall.

We had left the house bound for kindergarten after a longer than usual breakfast. The six year old would be staying home with me to rest. Her cough had not let up and as consequence she had hardly slept during the night. The youngest was thrilled to have his sister drop him off even though it meant she would be home without him.

We had to hold hands crossing the parking lot, it had become a sheet of black ice during the night. The children were giggling and shuffling their feet. I too was laughing even as my nose turned red from the cold. Sliding on ice with two children is quite fun when one slows down enough to enjoy it.

We walked on the grass down to kindergarten, the paved hill was too slippery. Upon reaching the gate a remarkable sight met our eyes. All the freshly fallen leaves lay upon the grass sparkling with frost. We paused briefly to admire them, the children excitedly pressed their fingers to the ice and watched it disappear beneath the warmth.

We said goodbye to the youngest at the door of kindergarten with hugs and kisses. As we walked back to the gate the oldest turned to me and asked me to take some pictures of the leaves. When I asked her why, she smiled angelically and replied: “Because they are so beautiful.”


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