Computer Troubles 

Hello all! 

Just a quick note to let you know I’m having hard drive trouble so my updates will be scarce until I can get this resolved. I’m posting this from my phone at the moment. =( 

Thank you for bearing with me! 

May the words be ever in your favor!

Lady Earlene 


10 thoughts on “Computer Troubles 

    1. Awwww! Thank you! ☺️
      I’ll get on that as soon as I have a functioning computer again. =) working from my tablet and phone at present so it’s rather slow going. Tomorrow I should know whether the Mac is salvageable or a lost cause. Wish me luck! 😳

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      1. Me too. If not I’m gonna save and buy a decent but cheap laptop PC for the rest of my time here in Norway. I was never a Mac person to begin with so it would actually make somethings easier. However I really hope it hasn’t died, an extra expense is not what I need! 😝

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      2. I grew up with a PC so I’m used to it. It’s harder for me to find things on the Mac and it wants to do everything for me. Coming from a PC that’s just strange! Haha. I’ve gotten used to it since it’s what my au pair family gave me to use but I will be going back to PC when I’m back in the states for sure. =) I’ll never give up my iPhone though! Love the convenience of music etc all in one place!

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      3. Yes! It takes beautiful pictures and they just keep getting better. 😃 seriously great quality, I just like the customizability and gaming capability of a PC so much more. Yes, I am a bit of gamer type. 😊

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      4. Yep. I’m a huge Dragon Age fan and I pre-ordered Inquisition but now I can’t even play it because I’m on a Mac. 😔 I had to leave my gaming tower back home so yeah…only 1 year and 3 months more to wait! Haha. Oh dear.


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