Exaltation, the completion of a 1st draft

by Lady Earlene
by Lady Earlene

On June 18th I completed the first draft of my novel. It took me a little over six months and has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To sit and examine that 200 pages of text on my computer screen is thrilling. Now that I have my raw material it is time to begin chipping it away to find the beauty beneath. That draft is just the beginning.

The exultation at having that beginning is nothing short of miraculous. The product of my mind sits before me. Black text on a white page. A story woven of love and friendship and loyalty to people and ideals. Characters that suffer and fight to protect the people they hold dear. It is everything I could want it to be. When finished it will begin it’s journey to one publishing house and many agents.

The thrill of saying it will be ready by September is unequaled by anything I have previously accomplished. College and Graduate school graduation were nothing compared to this feeling. They were but blips on the radar but the journey doesn’t end here. While I edit this I must begin planning for the next story. The journey of these three people does not end here, it must go on, their fight is not over, the war has only just begun.


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