The Love/Hate Challenge: An Invitation to Dig Deeper

The Shadow by Edmund Blair Leighton
The Shadow by Edmund Blair Leighton

Lady Grey has invited me to take the Love/Hate Challenge. To participate  I must list ten things that I love and ten things that I hate and finally nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.

I do not generally partake in chain messages but I will suggest that you repeat this if the mood strikes you. I think it is particularly useful when done as an introspective challenge, not necessarily an outward one. As a writer I find introspecting on love/hate to be very revealing about not only the person I am, but also why I chose my genre.

I would like to add that as an additional challenge to myself I will be writing a short story or article on one love and one hate. This will allow me to delve deeper into the reasons behind the love or the hate involved and explore how that shapes me as a writer.

10 things I love:

  1. My Life, I would not trade my existence for anything, no matter how many challenges I face.
  2. Writing, there is nothing in this world that makes me as happy as writing does.
  3. Research/reading, the passion second only to writing
  4. Sharing what I know. I LOVE to share my knowledge with others. I will talk your ear off if you are interested in anything historical, specifically medieval or early renaissance.
  5. Interesting, Passionate People.
  6. Intelligence. (seriously this is the most attractive quality a person can have!)
  7. Listening to someone and seeing their eyes twinkle with that spark of passion for their subject. It could be gardening, the color of a specific paint, or the balance of a sword. Show me your passion and I will love you for it.
  8. Laughter.
  9. Medieval Festivals.
  10. Dresses; long, floor sweeping A-lines with trim or lace and made of fabric that swishes, sashays, and billows when you move.

10 things I hate:

  1. Traffic, I am terribly impatient when I have a plan. I do not like delays.
  2. Having to introduce myself to people. I get so nervous and tongue-tied and babble, it’s awful. I either come off as a babbling, prattling idiot, or as a painfully shy, bumbling idiot.
  3. Getting hit or hitting other people. Unless I’m threatened physically I have a deep aversion to violence. I had a hard time sparring in my Taekwondo classes because I was afraid I would hurt my opponent. I said sorry so many times.
  4. Double Standards. “You have to do this, but I am exempt.” There is NOTHING that annoys me more.
  5. Listless, Directionless, People.
  6. Passive-Aggressive behavior. Say it or take action, don’t be bitchy. I don’t read minds.
  7. Modern Art. (I know, I know, but I’m a Rococo/Edmund Blair Leighton kind of girl. Paint splatter and distorted shapes just don’t do it for me.)
  8. My Self-Doubt. I second-guess, overthink and doubt myself a lot.
  9. Disrespectful or rude behavior. There is never an excuse for this. Ever.
  10. When I disappoint someone I care about or respect. I hate that feeling. It leaves me hollow.

I will suggest this exercise to:

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3 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Challenge: An Invitation to Dig Deeper

    1. Of course! As a fellow writer these exercises can be particularly helpful. =) I hope everything is going well with your writing!

      May the Words be with you,
      Kirstie Earlene

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