“My Next Door Neighbor”, Edmund Blair Leighton, 1894

His body ached as the horse slowed to a walk down the cobbled street. It had been another long night without reward and the search was beginning to feel futile. He’d seen the dawn for the third time this week and was no closer to discovering the men who were behind the high profile muggings … More “My Next Door Neighbor”, Edmund Blair Leighton, 1894

Brinner Surprise

The rain was cold. It soaked through Cassy’s linen shirt and goose bumps rippled over her torso in waves. This was not what she’d had in mind when she left for the store fifteen minutes ago. The sun had been shining and there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky. With a shiver she ducked … More Brinner Surprise

“The Wind Miller’s Guest”, Edmund Blair Leighton 1898

The walk from Abigail’s house to the windmill was no short trip and had taken the better part of an hour. What a scandal it would be if they knew where she went on her daily walks. The windmill loomed ahead as she rounded the barn. Her heart skipped as she caught sight of Frederick … More “The Wind Miller’s Guest”, Edmund Blair Leighton 1898

Quiet Hours

It was in the quiet hours that she did her best thinking. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The quiet hours of night and pre-dawn suited her best. It was easy to understand why in a world so full of noise that such times were suited to one of her type. A … More Quiet Hours

Morning Chores

It was gray and damp when Eveline opened the door. She sighed and pulled her cloak from a nearby peg. Stepping into her pattens and drawing the cloak over her head she made her way to the barn. Scattering corn for the chickens she called to old Henny the brown cow they’d kept since she … More Morning Chores